Dreaming In Twin (CD)

Dreaming in twin (cd)


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The brand new record! Two albums (24 tracks total - over an hour of music) on one CD. You can preview the album at iTunes, then buy it here for half the price: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dreaming-in-twin/id722385198

Written, arranged, produced and performed by Veshecco; mixed and mastered by Jason Shaffer.

Part One: Beautiful Secret
1. Tape
2. Shampoo
3. That Thang
4. The Waiting One
5. The Hole In The Sky
6. Everybody Wants A Puppy
7. Here To Pick Up Some Kisses
8. The Waiting One (Reprise)
9. Sending Out The Wind Again
10. Godness In You/Have I Done This Before?
11. Awkward Age
12. Beautiful Secret

Part Two: Weary Soul, Restless Bird
13. Hello, My Friend/Weary Soul, Restless Bird
14. By This River
15. Message From Filby
16. Sam The Cardinal
17. Whatcha Laughin' At Me For
18. Some Tango
19. Alex & Phil
20. Can't Fly Yet
21. World Full Of Old Souls
22. How Much Time
23. Since You Came In My Life
24. Dreams Come True

Every purchase includes a signed lyric/photo book. Thank you for exploring my new album! :-)

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